Nostalgia Update – Santapod

Well finally made it to the Pod after a long two   years.

Arrived there on Friday afternoon, didn’t intend to race as I needed a bit of time checking out the car. Most of the work had already been done but I just need to check out the timing and the Nitrous fuel system.

Timing was a mile out and the fuel system had a leak, nothing serious, quick fix.

Saturday morning was my first race, took a while working out what all the switches did.

Small burn out, don’t want to waste the tyres. Into stage and was off…car felt strong and run a 9.68, great start.

Second run was a s good running a slightly quicker time at 9.59.

Before my third run Kev from Taz Racing noticed that when my car left the start line and the Nitrous came on it unsettled the car.So a decision was made to get rid of the delay on the nitrous controller and leave the line with the nitrous.

Yep that worked wheels in the air and run a P.B.  9.34…………Wheelie bars now on order.  Need to check the car over before the next race.

The other Taz Racers run their new P.B.s

lee 9.34     Adam 10.41           Mark 10.43            Lucy 11.54

Chris and Kev were unable to get their cars to the track this time, watch this space, they will be back.