March Capri  updates.

Well its time to pull my finger out and get the capri ready for the race season ahead.

Distributor leads  Just a bit more prep prior to the race season, giving the distributor an overhaul. Replacing the magnetic pick up, rotor, cap and a new set of leads.

distributordistributor capriThought I would buy a set of pre made leads, they arrived but after install they were to long and didn’t look right. The guy I purchased them from shortened them free of charge. Next time I will buy a set that needs one end to be cut to length and cap put on.  Another job done………

Previous season I strapped up the front struts.

capri front struts

Front Struts

Front struts

Front Struts

As I launch the car the front springs expand and allows the car to lift up. Now I have shortened the straps so it stops the springs expanding and helps to stop the front of the car lifting up. Well that’s the plan……. fingers crossed.

While it was up on stands thought it would be best to get underneath and check for anything that was loose or about to fall off. All seems ok (this might come back and haunt me).

While fitting the newly fabricated propshaft loop I found a lot of play in where the the prop shaft goes into the out put of the gearbox.

Sure some one noticed the gearbox mount bolts were loose, yep I started to strip it down before I started to film.

With the arrival of the new bearing/bush and seal it was time to get to work.

Had to order a small length of 2″ diameter Aluminium bar so I could make a drift and knock out the old bush and fit the new one. Sods law dictates that I allready had a suitable piece of bar lurking around in my garage somewhere……no where to be found.

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lazys capri Lazy

Taz racing capri lazys capri

All now installed on to the next job, straps on front coils.