Rat Rod April Update

After a long and detailed conversation with my 3 year old grandson he was concerned that his Granddad would get wet if he drove the ratrod when it was raining, due to the fact that there was a hole in the roof (a cut out purposely fabricated by me).

Well 3 yr olds no best, so the hole in the roof was to be filled in so to keep Granddad dry.

Looking around the garage I found a couple of lengths of pine T&G, left over from my garage roof, Cut and bolted them in, used a rasp to try to blend them in with the roof, sort of. Used a blow torch to colour up the grain, found a can of exterior varnish and coated the wood.

With not a great deal of effort it turned out much better than expected.

So if you have any problems with your build and need expert advise sure my Grandson will be there to advise…………….Lazy