LAZY’S Rat Rod Build Part 1

LAZY’S Rat Rod Build  – Steps 1 to 9 click links  below  

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 1 – Tear down

Well here we go, this is the starting point for my first Rat Rod build, bought it, as an  M.O.T. failure …………

 Rat Rod Build – Step 2 – Chassis Mods

Now its time to cut the chassis ready to mount the engine and gearbox……..

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 3 – Engine

If I was building a Hot Rod then my first choice of engine would be a S.B.C. with a th400 box,  but……..

Lazy’s Rat Rod. build – Step 4 – Engine Transmission Install

Best to come clean I have purchased a super duper plasma cutter, as every one keeps telling me its the best thing since sliced bread, don’t really like sliced bread prefer uncut………

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 5 – Front Axle

Trying to find a cheap way of fitting a drop tube axle or something similar proved to be extremely hard……..   step by step build

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 6 – Fitting Front Axle

This will be a very short update, not a great to say about fitting the front axle………

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 7 – Steering

This section will cover the steering up to as far as I have completed………….

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 8 – Front 4 Bar

Today we will mostly be talking about the front 4 bar……..

Lazy’s Rat Rod Build – Step 9- Head Lamp Mount

This will be the shortest section of my Rat build, and the quickest to build, the headlamp mount…….

 ratrodrat rodrat rod head lamps





This page is under development, November 2018. We will be adding each stage of Lazy’s Taxi Rat Rod build in sections to make it easier to follow the  build order. We will also be adding a separate discussion board for all topics.  Cheers Lazy……….