LAZY’s RAT ROD – January Update

Jan Update

As you may have noticed the web site has and is going through some major changes.

My Rat Rod build is now in order of build, well almost..

With a bit of luck 2019 will see the Rat finished and on the road. Its been held up for about 18 months or so as I moved house. Looking to finish it by July this year. Listed below is the stuff that needs to be finished.

  • Bleed the brakes, fingers crossed no leaks.
  • Cut and fit the windscreen, how hard can that be???????might leave it till last.
  • Sort out the handbrake cable, as it is now 4′ to long, not sure how to do this yet, sure there will be a way.
  • Finish welding chassis underneath, not a lot to do.
  • Connect the battery and watch it go up in smoke,hope not. Electrics have been completed but not checked live.
  • Fabricate rear fenders, one is almost complete, will add it to the build shortly.
  • Finish the gearbox tunnel and drivers side bulkhead.
  • Put some fuel in, check for leaks and see if it will start………..
  • Find someone to give it an MOT, any recommendations,  in the Midlands? Then time to enjoy…………..

Feb Update