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LAZY’s – 1978 Green Ford Capri (often called Ninja Capri on YouTube).  9.74 seconds over a qtr of a mile @ 141 mph, across the line.

I am thinking about getting some go faster decals, so if any one has got any design ideas for me, please email  cheers Lazy ………..

 Update – Drag Racing

Just a few things needed on the Capri, although it did start first time last month after sitting for almost 2 years.

  • Fuel leak on fuel pump
  • Shorten coil straps, front.
  • Fabricate prop-shaft loop.
  • Change rear oil seal and bearing on gearbox rear..
  • Change oil and filter.
  • Spanner all the car parts, some thing must be loose by now.
  • New parts on the distributor.
  • Start it up and let it reach operating temperature and check for leaks.

Looking to start racing in April….fingers crossed.  During this season I will keep you updated with all the progress.

Have fun……….Lazy