Santapod 6th & 7th April

Unbelievably as it may seem the Capri is race ready, all the checks and jobs are done.Valve lash needs a final check fill with fuel and thats it.

The bad news was the camper van needed an M.O.T. so many things needed to be done. Nothing major, no fog light,exhaust just hanging on. Just proves that the M.O.T. that came with the camper was not as it seemed, the van didn’t see the M.O.T.station…..dodgy one.

Back to the race season, obviously didn’t make the track this month but Adam (Taz Racing) did. With loads of mods made over the winter period he took it to the dyno and the car made the magic 500+ hp.What a fantastic achievement getting all those horses out from such a small 4 pot, weel done Adam. Just goes to show how all the hard work and trying different things does pay off. If you don’t change anything then things stay the same. Seems an obvious statement but when you see some racers trying to go faster when the car is in the same spec as last year and before, how can you expect it to go any faster?

Thought it would be a great idea to do a feature of Adam and his fantastic little Rat (Fiat 126). In Adam words he has provided me with a bit of history of the car, engine specs and photos and pictures.