6th & 7th July – Ford show – Santa Pod

Was invited to the Santapod Ford show to participate in the drag demo’s.

Four runs during the day, every 2 hours or so.  First run din’t go well as the tyres spun and lost traction, over revved and eventually ran a 10.4 ish

Second run I was held up while track cleaning took place, should have turned the engine off as it started to over heat. Eventually got to race unfortunately the marshal stopped me while in full stage and looked under the car. Gave me the thumbs up and off I went, by myself. At the end of the track I noticed a bit of smoke coming from the engine bay. Back to the pits to check the problem…simple fix the rocker cover had come loose and was leaking oil onto the headers. And in addition the catch can was full and shot a large amount of fluid all over the engine bay. The marshal should have stopped me racing, however still ran a 9.5

Third run went well no problems, great grip and ran another 9.5. Unfortunately my mate Darren broke his gearbox on his Escort, amazingly with the help from Mark replaced it in under 35 minutes, how quick was that, even quicker than a quick fit fitter.

The last run of the day went very well, got off the line well, lots of grip and ran a 9.38, almost a new P.B.

Video attached shows me running when I was stopped on the line, wheels lost traction on the launch hit the rev limiter. Leaking oil and water, ran a 9.5       fast forward to 9.38

Will post other videos shortly……