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December 23, 2015 at 9:54 pm #2193

Finally got the axle into position and jacked up the rear to see what ride height looked the best. Originally wanted the Rat to sit as low as possible and parallel to the ground, but after a bit of trial and error it looked better with a bit of rake (slightly higher at the back).Looked at how the axle was going to drive the Rat either by a 4 bar set up or maybe a ladder bar.For no particular reason I was to go for the 4 bar set up.Normally they would be built so they are fully adjustable, but as it wasn’t a race car and the chances of me ever adjusting them was very slim they were made fixed. Purchasing some tube and pre cut from ebay, the ID was a good fit for my previously purchased polyurethane bushes. A jig was made from a section of angle and solid round bar was used to connect the tubes.

ratrod 4 bars 4 bars

ratrod 4 bars  4 bars

4 bars now fully welded and polyurethane bushes pushed in it was time to start fabricating the fixing for the 4 bars to the axle and the bottom coil over mounts.

The mounts for the coil overs were fabricated from 6mm plate, and the brackets for the 4 bars were made from the off cut box section from the chassis step over, pictures below will explain in better detail.

box section bracket

4 bars 4 bars

4 bars 4 bars

One down and one to go.

Coil over brackets ……

coil overs 4 bars

coil overs coli over brackets

Well that’s as far as I have got so far, when all the brackets are fabricated they will be tacked into place, and the chassis supports removed to see how it sits, then a few last measurements and then fully weld.

The 4 bar mounting brackets are now complete, just need setting up on the axle and welding on.

Pictures below……

 cut from box section and 4mm plate

4 bars 4 bars

4 bars

Will be trying to get the Rat rolling over the holiday period, not sure how long the cover out side is going to last with these strong winds.

Sure it will better to work on in the garage.

Had a couple of days working on my Rat, have now managed to get the four bar and shocks tacked into position. This is the first time its been a rolling chassis.Just need to fully weld and fit the panhard rod, waiting for a delivery from ebay.Fabricated a section of chassis rail, and will be fitting it shortly, to replace the part I previously cut out.

ratrod 4 bars rear 4 bars

chassis 4 bars

Section of chassis fabricated. waiting to be fitted.

chassis rear k section

Almost finished, all the fabrication is complete. The 4 bars,shock mounts and the panhard rod are now tacked into place. Just need fully welding and some boxing in is required.

Photos below show the rear set up in place,awaiting welding.The total cost of the rear set up was approx. £45, doesn’t look as good as a shop brought item, its a Ratrod, I made it all myself thats what counts.

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

Well thats it for another update, just shit loads of welding to complete and the rear is done. The Rat is now in my garage, its a bit tight to work on but at least its warm and dry.


Well its been a busy week, all the welding on the axle and 4 bars is now complete. It took a lot longer than I first thought, about 8 hours of laying on my back trying to get to the difficult overhead welds. The axle was removed so it could be welded easier, I did try and weld it in situ. but it was proving to difficult.Photos below show the completed rear section, it doesn’t look much different than before. but its finished……..thank F**K for that.

ratrod Have welded a length of 50mm x 6mm angle to the lower part of the axle step over, this is to support the fuel tank. Unfortunately it will have to sit behind the drivers seat, no where else to put it.

ratrod axle ratrod axle

ratrod rear end



Click on thumb nails below for larger pictures.



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January 21, 2016 at 7:29 pm #2317

Rusty here,looking good so far Lazy, nice to see it rolling.

Looks like there was a lot of fabricating and welding in the rear end, but its a Ratrod and you built it all your self.

Just out of interest how much did you spend on the rear end?


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