Part 32, fitting the floor and stuff.

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December 11, 2016 at 6:09 pm #3438

Started to fit some of the floor, had to use the angle from the road signs to box in to support the flooring.Used Aluminium 1 mm sheet for the sides and hard to cover parts, as it is very easy to cut and bend. It will be covered with hessian, no room for shiny stuff here.The fuel pump etc, will have a removable cover so I can access the pump and filter. Have glued rubber underneath all the panels to try and reduce the vibrating and noise.Any gaps were filled with a flexible seam sealer.Need to keep an eye out for more road signs, getting a bit low.

ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod Red sign is the removable cover for the fuel pump.

ratrod Only took the whole weekend to get this far.

Inside is now starting to look like a car, just a bit more work then the fuel tank can be fitted.

Fuel tank is now fitted together with both seats and the passenger floor. Used plywood for the floor, well the cab did have a plywood floor from new so I followed the trend (not really, had a piece of plywood in the garage.)

floor floor ratrod

ratrod ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod ratrod

Just the drivers side to do……………

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