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November 8, 2015 at 9:07 am #1814


Still having problems uploading photos, will add them later.

With the cab removed from the Mazda 2200 Ute, a few measurements were taken of the Triumph original wheel base and the Mazda wheel base. The rear 150mm of the Mazda chassis had to be cut off and a new cross beam, 80mm box was welded in.

Next was to find a straight section on the Mazda so we could remove 870mm. The chassis was supported and the section was cut out, just under where the cab originally sat.With the section removed the chassis was preped and rolled together, almost a perfect fit just 2mm out.Using straight edges and other stuff we found in Juniors garage both halfs were aligned and fully welded.Over the welds we welded 6mm plates on all four sides of the chassis.To make life easier the chassis was lifted with the engine crane to get to the bottom plates for welding.


Next was to assemble the engine flex plate and the gearbox together and mock it up to see what work would be needed for the final fit. Just a couple of small problems, the steering cross arm was in the way of the sump,so a section was taken out of the middle so the engine would sit perfectly on the cross member. Have a plan for the steering arm, but for now we need to push on with the hard bits. The only other problem we could see was the oil filter, as it is fitted on the front of the engine, same as the Rover v8, it was a bit tight on the steering anti roll bar, so we will be fitting a remote oil filter kit at a cost of $120, not a bad price at £60.

marks ratrod  ratrod build marks ratrod in Australia marks ratrod build

body removed body removed

chassis pile of scrap

body removed rear chassis

Well not a bad start to the build, with a few beers we planned what work would be done on the next day.

Just a small pile of bits left over from the strip down.

ratrod bits



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