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May 30, 2016 at 4:31 pm #2887

Thought I would start the wiring as the cable runs will be easier than waiting for the build to be finished. Will not make a harness but will wire in all the components as I go along. Don’t think I will worry too much about colour codes as all the odds and ends of cable in my garage will be used. Found a big roll of 7 core cable, left over from my tow bar fitting business, this will come in handy.

Purchased an isolator and push button start switch from Ebay, unfortunately its chrome plated. Mounted it on the dash-board, must have been made for it as is aligned exactly with the original holes. Feed from the non existing battery has been connected to the switch and cables run down to the starter solenoid, this part is now complete, just the rest to finish.

It’s nice to have the wiring yet to complete, as if I feel like just pottering around in the garage, a bit of wiring it is then.

Again another purchase from ebay was the fuse box, not sure where to mount it yet.

wireing panel starter button  To be continued……………

Thought I would do a few easy bits on my Rat this week, mounting the fuse box and a panel for a couple of switches. At the moment not sure what I am going to use all 6 switches for but they are there just in case. Started to hide all the relays and fuse box under the dash, big change of plan decided that I wanted everything on show, all the wires, relays and fuse box.The mounting for the switches was made from an off cut of aluminium sheet, rolled the edges and inserted lengths of welding rods (wired edge) it came out to good, great for a Hotrod but not for a Rat. Took the trusty hammer to it and made it look old and bent (sure there is a joke there somewhere).Was going to colour code all the wireing and connectors, but went down the route of just using the wire I had.

Both fans and fuel pump are now connected, now just started on the indicators.

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod
See ya…………..

Done a bit more to the Rat this week,most of the wireing is now complete. Headlamps (full and dip), side lights and indicators are now all connected. Didn’t want to hide the relays and wires as I thought they look great exposed. Wires have been feed to the back for the sides, indicators and brake lights (not sure if I need a fog lamp, will check)

ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod

Getting very close to to the finish line now……………….


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