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March 7, 2016 at 10:41 pm #2539

As most of the large parts of the build have now been completed, I will keep you updated with some of the small parts that don’t need much explanation etc

The Taxi illuminated sign.

The base of the sign was completely rotted out so I cut a section from part of the original roof to make a repair. Decided to bolt it on to the roof with some button headed bolts, they look like rivets and will be using them all over the build.The taxi wording will be replaced with the word Lazy.

As below.

taxi taxi sign

taxi taxi sign

taxi taxi

Will add some rust to it later on to make it blend in.

Wiper blades and motor.

Was going to leave this job to last but it is easier to install it now before the fire wall is bolted on. Just for a change I forgot to take photos of the fix.

The original taxi motor and mechanism was utilised. Although when offered up it was far to wide, a hacksaw removed a section of the outer tube and a ctr. punch flared the tube on re assembly. Pictures below show how it is mounted (still a bit of welding and brackets to finish). It is now in its position, the windscreen wiper blades were too long, so they were cut down to fit, and blade supports reversed. The throw of the original wipers were 105*, its not me being clever, it was stamped on the cam inside the mechanism. This related to the wipers being pushed 35mm by the motor, I worked it out that I needed only 25mm. So it was striped down and the pin on the cam was re machined and located, this is the bit I forgot to take pictures of.

Pictures below of the install.

wiper wiper motor wiper motor wiper wiper wiper motor

That’s almost another part done…………………………

The steering wheel

I was going to use the original wheel from the Taxi but on close inspection the outer layer of the wheel has come unstuck from the main frame. If I was  to use it, the steering would feel a bit loose. So a compromise was used, the outer layer of foamy stuff was cut off and the wire frame was used as a guide for a new chain wheel,yep its a throw back from the eightys.

Pictures below show the build.

taxi steering wheel taxi steering wheel

taxi steering wheel taxi steering wheel

taxi steering wheel looks a bit flimsy now

taxi steering wheel taxi steering wheel

taxi steering wheel taxi steering wheel

Well that come out better than I thought, just need to smooth welds, don’t want to cut my pinkies.

Steering wheel……………..sorted.


Didn’t fancy doing anything strenuous this week-end so I had ago at a few cosmetic bits. Firstly the drivers door was adjusted so I can actually open it from the inside, fitted a door panel out of an old road sign, and fitted one of the original door handles. Almost forgot, repaired the sliding window.

Pictures below.

taxi door taxi door

Just the other side to complete.

The other thing was I made a scorpion out of old nuts, welded it on to an old wood cutting disc and mounted it on the transmission tunnel.Don’t ask me why I made it, not really sure.

Again, pictures below.


scoprion scoprion

scoprion He looked better before I painted it.

Time to repair the passenger slide window, due to rust the bottom fixing fell off. The repair, once again was made from bits from the scrap bin. The newly fabricated bracket was attached to the glass with epoxy resin.

window window

taxi window

window door


Battery tray

Time to find some where for the battery, the only sensible place was in the passenger footwell. Even with the battery installed, still leaves plenty of room for the passengers legs.It was fabricated from the angle in the road signs, really a handy size of angle to have 25mm x 25mm x 3mm.

battery tray battery tray


Front indicators.

Used the original items off the taxi, found a couple of large washers, welded them to the head light mounts, drilled and bolted them on. Not sure if they will pass the M.O.T. as they are not visable from the side as they are odscured by the wheels.

indicator ratrod

indicator ratrod

Drive shaft.

Had to make the drive shaft from the original taxi item and the slip yoke off a range rover.

They were cut and shut together with a machined sleeve, both UJ’s were replaced. Had a small problem, when trying to fit the shaft it was to long, must have mis measured it. Still it has now been cut and will have to machine a new sleeve.

drive shaft shaft shaft Waiting for the sleeve………………


Decided that the wheel were sticking out a bit more than I wanted, in the middle of modifying the original rims. The rims on the taxi were heat shrunk on and welded. With a bit of trial and error have come up with a cunning plan to change the off set, in short using the inner from one wheel and the outer from another and weld them to make a new wheel rim. Had trouble seperating the original rim from the center, had to make one wheel from two originals………….

Both wheels have now been altered, wanted to get the wheels closer to the body. Finished welding the second rim today, just added some magic juice to make it rust, then off to the tyre place and fit the tyre.

wheel wheel

wheel wheel

rust  Sorted……….



The dash is allmost complete, have fitted the speedo, fuel and temperature guage together with the indicator switch and headlam switches.

ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod ratrod

Wonder what will work when the battery is connected, what could possibly go wrong???????????









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March 28, 2016 at 7:00 pm #2635

Lazy Hi, love this section, just short and to the point.

Steering wheel and the scorpion look fantastic.

Looking forward to the next update.

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