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January 25, 2016 at 8:18 pm #2340

Time to mount the shifter and hand brake. The shifter is a spare for my landrover, just started to offer it up but it wouldn’t select any gears apart from 1st and park. After a bit of head scratching it turns out that my gearbox from the XJ6 was a 4 speed box, and my lever is a three speed.

Well I could just go out and purchase the correct one,but this would involve spending money. So I stripped the lever down to see how it works, then it was clear that the ratchet plate would have to be ground down, just leaving the slots for 1st and Park. I fabricated a new guide on top of the selector, this will be set up when installed in the Rat. The plan is to drill a hole through the guide plate and put in some kind of a pin for drive neutral and reverse, best to have a look at the photos below to see what I am trying to explain.

automatic gear shifter gearshifter

automatic shifter

Hand brake is now mounted, and the short cable that connects to the rear is fitted.Forgot to mention that it is the original item out of the taxi.

Shifter and cable also fitted, and it now selects all gears. The bracket that mounts the cable was made from odd bits and bobs laying around my garage, didn’t have any flat bar, so I cut down one side of a length of 45mm angle.Photos below show the finished install.

gearlever handbrake

handbrake handbrake

handbrake handbrake

ratrod ratrod

Well that’s another bit done….

Please click on the thumb nails below for better pictures.



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March 28, 2016 at 7:03 pm #2636

Lazy Hi,

are you going to cover up all the moving parts? i.e gear linkage and hand brake mech.

In my opinion it would look better if you can see all the moving parts.



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