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November 3, 2015 at 9:41 pm #1807


Having a few problems uploading photos to the site as I am having problems finding a lead for my camera in Australia, so will just keep you updated with a bit of blurb and will add the photos later.

Day 1 of the build;

Plan was to have a double pronged attack on both utes at the same time.

Lazy junior was going to attack the Mazda ute and try to strip it down and remove the cab.Lazy was going to have a go at the Triumph.

Looking at the Triumph the rear of the bed and axle was cut out, it wasn’t a long job due to the amount of rust. The original bed was cut out flush to the chassis rails. When inside the cab, maybe due to my weight, the front cross member collapsed. So with my trusty disc cutter the front suspension was cut out, leaving the gearbox tunnel in place. The doors were welded shut, and additional braces were tacked across the sides of the bed.The body was supported with axle stands etc, awaiting the body being widened.

The Mazda was attacked by junior, spending approx. 2 hours fighting to get the dashboard out.It was quite amusing watching all the bits of trim being thrown out from the cab, oh and the occasional curse word.All the seats and trim were removed, the cab unbolted. Using the engine hoist the cab was lifted, a bit of brute force the cab was pushed off on to the drive, with the glass intact, result.

Pictures to follow………………Lazy

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