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December 4, 2016 at 7:59 pm #3378


Had the Capri a few years now, and it has gone through a few changes.

It was brought from a guy near Wye (Ashford area)as a non runner, it was stored in a field. Closer inspection revealed a good solid car, it had been fitted with new front wings and valance. The capri was going to be restored by the previous owner but when the engine lost compression the owner lost interest, and to teach it a lesson he parked it outside in the field.

The Capri was a 3.0 Ghia auto, large engine bay and auto, just what I was looking for my start into Drag racing. Yep it was the brown and beige version.With a lot of help from my mates in Taz Racing parts were donated and advise and help were given.

First time at the track was a disaster, seems the engine I fitted had the wrong crank in it, this made the engine super low compression and was gut less.Kev from Taz racing sold me a short block, 350 chev that I ran for about a season. Can not remember my times, but they were coming down very quickly.This didn’t end very well as I raced some guy, that I was desperate to beat him, took out my rev limiter and raced him. Yep one of the con rods decided to try and get out of the engine through the block. Good news was the engine made it to the finishing line before it blew. On close inspection you could see through one side of the engine to the other, and the gearbox had a crack around the bell housing.

Again Kev came to the rescue and gave me a bare 400 block. I rebuilt it and ran with it for several years. Added 150 shot of gas and managed some how to run ( every now and then) in the high 9’s.Should have kept it as it was, brown and patchy, looked like a Rat Rod.


One Saturday I thought it would be a good idea to paint it yellow, on my drive and on a very hot day. As fast as the paint hit the car it dried. Didn’t have enough paint to give it a couple of coats so one thin coat is what it got. Sunday it took it racing.


Next colour scheme was blue and white. A guy from Ashford was recommended to me for a quick and cheap spray job. Yep it was quick and cheap but when the colour was changed to green it was obvious that the reason he was quick, he filled over a lot of rubber from my tyres etc.The engine had been upgraded to a new Dart 400 block and th400 box. I built the engine to run on 400hp of gas.

blue white capri

Last colour change was to Kawasaki Green, this was painted by my mate Darren from TazRacing,. What a fantastic job he done, the only problem is that I have to keep it clean. The engine is now fitted with a 400 hp fogger kit, have only used 250 hp a couple of times hitting a new PB of 9.54, almost a 9.4. Roll on 2017…..

capri capri Capri


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Cool video ?

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