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November 26, 2016 at 5:07 pm #3254

Well its time to make the exhaust stacks, have been looking forward to making these for a while. With limited tooling in my garage it was always going to be a struggle. All the components were cut from a piece of stainless steel sheet and bent around a section of tube. Hose clips came in very handy to help bend the sections etc. When finished I will loosely pack the exhausts with some wadding. On top of the stacks will be a couple of flappers (just purchased them from fleabay).

exhaust All parts cut out and some roughly bent.

exhaust Bending the inner section around a piece of pipe.

exhaust Forming the lower section.

exhaust Mocking up the internals.

exhaust One of the outers tacked together.

exhaust Didnt have a hole cutter big enough.

exhaust Tacked together, just a bit of cutting and welding needed.

exhaust Starting to take shape……

exhaust Ready to fully weld.

exhaust view from top…

Exhaust Just the wadding and flapper for the top and one side is done.

Just remembered had to cut a section from the bottom of the exhaust as it was hitting the body…Pictures below.

exhaust exhaust

To be continued………………Lazy

Had another day fabricating the exhaust stacks, off side is now almost done. Both sides just need squaring up, wadding, flapper and top cap welded on.


taxi  Taxi

Flappers have just turned up from fleabay. Have been out in the garage to finish off the nearside stack. Almost finished, just need to wrap it with some exhaust wrap. The off side is again almost done, fully welded with the flapper and wadding, will square it up when the Rat is moved over to the other side of the garage.Made a spider for the webb, but it looks more like a bug……….a Lazy bug??

bug rat

Pictures suck…….will post some more tomorrow……………Lazy

ratrod ratrod ratrods ratrod


Well, thats another bit sorted……………Lazy

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November 27, 2016 at 9:16 pm #3270

they look soooooo cool 😉

December 4, 2016 at 1:54 pm #3349

Looking good, when do you think it will be on the road…………

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