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July 3, 2015 at 5:06 pm #372

Engine and gearbox install.


Best to come clean I have purchased a super duper plasma cutter, as every one keeps telling me its the best thing since sliced bread, don’t really like sliced bread prefer uncut,…. moving on. As I was about to install the engine thought there might be a lot of brackets and stuff to fabricate.

If you look in the tech section it will give you details of the auto box I fitted to the engine.

As the chassis was leveled previously it was easy to set up the engine. I wanted approx. 100mm as a minimum for the ground clearance. This is above the scrub line (if you had a puncture, and the car ran on the rim, this is the scrub line, every thing should be above it.)

The first thing was to sit the engine roughly in place sitting on a piece of 100mm ish wood. The bottom of the sump is flat, and I supported the gearbox end with a bottle jack.

The pile of bricks are still on the chassis keeping it level before I welded in a new “K” section.

Using a level on the rocker covers the engine was leveled from front to back and left to right, using small wedges of wood. With a bit of careful measuring the gearbox output was centered into the chassis, and the crankshaft pulley bolt was centered in the same way.

The rover engine mounts were bolted on and engine mounts were fabricated using the old trusted paper-cardboard as templates, and the Plasma to cut them out. Should have brought one of these years ago, saves so much time.

The rubber mounts are landrover, had then in the garage, spares for my off roader.

Before I could mount the gearbox the new “K” section was cut and welded in, so the off set gearbox mount could be set up.

As you can see by keeping all the bits I had previously cut out it was easier to weld back an original part of the chassis. The gearbox mount was a th400 mount, the first part of a chevy on my Rat  whhooopee.

As I had a large length of stainless Steel chain it seemed a good idea to weld the links together on a small section and weld it in as a chassis support.

Well that’s about it for the engine instal, don’t thinks I have missed much.

Next part 5…front axle choice and narrowing



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