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August 29, 2015 at 7:49 pm #927

Have been thinking for  a while how I can make a pair of front fenders, then it came to me, make them out of a 45 gallon drum. They are already round, and have a nice rib around the circumference.Managed to find a good drum that cost me absolutely nothing, the owner just wanted to get rid as the scrap man wouldn’t take it away as it still had some oil in it. I marked out a 8″ band, keeping the rib in the middle. Had to bend it slightly as the Wheel diameter was slightly bigger.Cut three pieces of wood, these will act as the clearance between the fender mudguard and the tyre. Strapped them to the tyre, and laid the pre cut fender over and strapped the fender to the tyre….See below.

Rat rod fender mounted

Cut two lengths of 10mm x 3m flat bar, bent them over my BBQ, as this was the nearest Diameter that I could find,and tacked them to the fender. Would have fully welded them but my Argon shield bottle was showing empty and I wanted to make both fenders today, so a tack was ok.

Ratrod fenders with 10mm flat bar

As you can see I rounded of the end and tacked in a curved piece of 6mm round bar.

Time to mount the fender, unfortunately I had my camera on video. so no stills, what a half wit.

Found a length of 30mm x 20 flat bar, drilled it 12.5 mm and mounted it to the two bolts holding on the calliper.Used a 20mm piece of round bar for the top support, and welded a section of rusty chain for the rest of the supports. Need to watch that I don’t use to much chain……still there are no rules when building a Ratrod.

I was thinking of just making a pair of fenders as a temporary measure just for the M.O.T.,but decided to make them a permanent fixture, couldn’t be arsed to keep taking them off.

Photos below showing the finished items.

Ratrod fender now mounted    front view of ratrod fender   rear view of ratrod fender


Yes it was made from a 45 gallon drum.

Ratrod fender material


Just starting to look like a Ratrod.

Think I might have to re think building my Rat outside on my drive, as the weather is getting unpredictable, may need to invest in a gazebo type of cover.



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October 23, 2015 at 4:28 pm #1602

What are you going to use for the rear fenders?


February 14, 2016 at 8:24 pm #2431

Hi Rusty, not sure yet, still looking around for ideas.

What do you think?


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