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September 17, 2015 at 4:27 pm #1101

Although the  sun visor is only about 50% complete so far I will update you with the progress so far.

When I cut off the front section of the cab I left approx. 6″ overhanging for the visor. Although it isn’t a bolt on part, and is actually part of the roof I am trying to make it look at it is a separate part. The plan was make a pretend joint across the roof to make it look like a bolt on. Have not made the joint yet but it will be made from a rusty piece of flat bar, approx. 30mm x 4mm. This will be riveted on using large-headed rivets.

Sun visor  You can see from this picture the over hanging section

To strengthen the roof at the front a length of 6mm round bar was tacked, in then fully welded. I have only ground a small section to see how it would look.Then my focus was to the corner support, not really supports, just to make them look like supports.A section of 2mm steel was cut and bent and shaped to fit. Best have a look at the photos below as it is easier to look than explain.

before visor was fitted  Then the gutter was cut off  and re welded


Support held in position The pre cut steel was offered up and then tacked on.

now welded in to position Next it was boxed in and fully welded.

fully welded           boxed in

This is as far as I have got, will update shortly with the finished visor, and a bit of luck some decent photos so you can actually see what I am doing.



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