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July 1, 2015 at 5:04 pm #338


Lazy’s Rat Rod Build Part 3 – Engine

If I was building a Hot Rod then my first choice of engine would be a S.B.C. with a th400 box. But as it is a Rat build then it must be cheap, as it happened I had an old Rover v8 that has been stuck in my garage for years, it was a spare for my off roader. The down side is that it was fitted with E.F.I.

My cunning plan was to remove all the E.F.I. stuff and fit some kind of manifold that doesn’t look like a rover one, so I set out and built one.Firstly I removed the alloy manifold, removed the injectors, drilled and tapped them out to 10mm and plugged them off with some dome head bolts.

Manifold with the plugs in.

Unfortunately I don’t have a fully equipped workshop, just a piller drill, a small old lathe and MIG and MMA welding plant.

Had to buy a sheet of 6mm mild steel sheet, made a template in paper for the base of the manifold. cut the holes out using a hole saw and lots of oil, tubes were cut and trued on my lathe. The body was fabricated using paper templates and cut out with a thin cutting disc. All was tacked together, without the carb. base then fully welded. All the ports etc were cleaned and de-burred before the plate for the cab was tacked, then welded and filed flat.

The only problem I found was that there didn’t seem enough room for all 8 ports to connect to the main box of the manifold, so in true rat Rod fashion I welded two 90* elbos on.

Pictures below showing the build, should be a bit clearer that trying to picture it from the blurb.

Forgot to mention that a purchased for a mere £45 from one of those auction site brought me a 600 Holley, had to rebuild it with new gaskets, and a good clean got it where it should be.The fuel line is in copper with spiral wire around it to make it look a bit older. This was done using a round stick in my cordless drill and attaching mig wire to it and starting it up, took a few attempts as it tried to wrap my fingers around it a few times. Once the wire rusts it should look great.

Didn’t do much to the engine as I heard it run and it seemed fine. Gave it a good clean on the inside to remove the 100000 miles of gunk, changed a few gaskets and gave it an oil change.

Had to play with the pulleys and cut off the spare pulley groove that powered the power steering.

The headers were next (exhaust manifold). Flanges were cut from paper templates with a jig saw and disc cutter from the left over 6mm plate. Tubes were cut to length tacked on to the flanges (had a length of tube in my garage). Hard to explain how the main part was made but it revolved around, tacking it bashing it, tacking and cutting a bit, welding….you get the picture.

Manifold as below.

Not sure how well the engine will run with this fabricated manifold……we will see.

The only thing I will have ago with at a later date is to try and fabricate a pair of rocker covers so the Rover one can be recycled.

Next…Part 4 …Fitting the engine.



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July 3, 2015 at 3:02 pm #370


Hi Lazy, what are you going to use as a air cleaner?

July 3, 2015 at 3:07 pm #371


Hi lazy your rat rod build looks great so far looking forward to seeing your progress, I’m currently in the early stages of a build and have purchased a rover 3.9 v8 engine the only problem it has been running on lpg, do u know what I need to do to disconnect the lpg and get it running solely on petrol again? Cheers ratrodderinoz

July 3, 2015 at 5:52 pm #376


Hi Ben, thanks for the interest, not sure what use yet, but it will be some sort of stack as I intend to have both exhausts exiting via stacks in front of the windscreen.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

Rust for ever…Lazy

July 4, 2015 at 9:01 pm #384


Hi Mark from OZ

In true Rat Rod Fashion keep the cost down keep the LPG. Not aware of any Rad rods in Uk – maybe you will be the first in OZ.


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