Lazys Rat Rod build..Part 17….Getting ready to section the body

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September 29, 2015 at 8:23 pm #1267

As previously mentioned I will be cutting 10″ out of the middle of the cab, this will allow the wheels to sit on the outside.Before I start to cut the body it had to be strengthened, mainly to stop if falling apart when it is cut.The cunning plan was to cut in the sun roof, less roof to cut when removing the 10″, also by welding in a square frame it will be easier to locate the roof when the section is removed. In addition the floor and inner wheel arches were removed. Would have used my plasma but my compressor motor decided to melt its self.With the floor etc. removed, the A and B posts became a bit floppy, this was due to the corrosion at the bottom. Using 50mm box section the posts were secured by boxing them in. The rest of the interior welding was completed, including the corners of the rear window, and strengthen the bottom of the rear window with 50 x 50 x 3 angle. To get the contour of the window, slots were cut in the angle and welded.

floor cut out   inner arches cut out  floor supports

Looking at the progress so far the best and easiest way to go ahead would be to support the chassis by tacking 50mm angle vertically and sitting on the ground and cut out the rear of the chassis. As this had to be removed as a new section would be fabricated so it steps over the axle. All the body mounting bolts have now been removed, they all came un done with a socket………result. In addition to the angle supports, another section of angle was used to support the rear of the cab while the chassis was removed.With the trusty angle grinder the leaf springs were cut, then both chassis rails, then the tie between the rails.

chassis support  cutting the spring Leaf springs clamped before cutting

chassis marked  chassis view  chassis removed

  inside cab  chassis rail


Still a few more bits to finish before I cut out the middle section.


To be continued……….Lazy

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