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August 5, 2015 at 6:13 pm #743

Front leaf spring.

This should have been the easy part of the build, how hard can it be to fit a leaf spring?

I decided to make my spring perches, drill and tap the mounting bolts on the perches (for grease), all I needed was a spring. After looking around at places like Pop Browns it was clear that I wasn’t going to part  with £230 of my money just for a spring, so back on ebay and bid on a spring that was the correct dimension from eye to eye, was new old stock, and the bidding was won. Parted with a mere £45, including delivery…..bargain (or was it). Picture below shows the spring mounted from the hanger I made previously. Can you spot the stupid mistake with this set up?


Ignore the coil overs,they were just placed there to see what they looked like. Well as soon as the weight was put on the spring the perches just collapsed. The spring should have been hung from between them. Also the perch and spring fouled the top of the steering arm, as below.


Ok. time to buy a shorter spring, found another on ebay,  looked ok, bid and won.When it arrived was a lot smaller than the looked in the picture and seemed very weak, don’t think it could hold it self up. Pict. below.


Picture doesn’t show how weak they were, time to re think and come up with plan 3.

Again change of plan I found a trailer company that specialised in leaf springs, checked and rechecked what size I needed from eye to eye, wasn’t to worried about the load it could carry as they were rated at 750 kgs. Yes they are to high but I could remove one or two leafs if the ride was to hard and rattled my teeth out.Purchased the spring together with the perches. All the old stuff from the previous mistakes were removed and stored, just in case they can be used else where.

New perches were fabricated, over-size in height, so I can set the height to suite, drill the mounting holes, and cut off the remainder.Won’t bore you with blurb, pictures hopefully will tell the story better.



 Well this is as far as I have got with the spring so far, just need to set the ride height and drill the holes for the perches. Would have finished this section but I got carried away with chopping the roof.

Should be publishing the roof chop shortly, and giving progress update with how the spring install went.

Well the spring is now finally fitted. The mounting brackets for the spring perches had to be re made yet again because they seemed to bend slightly under load, and didn’t look the way I wanted them. The new supports were made from 12mm plate, I had to use a disc cutter as my compressor motor melted, so using the plasma was out. While the spreader plate, plate between the original spring pads,was removed I took advantage and fully welded all the tacks. In addition a length of rusty chain was tacked on, and the previously mounted headlamps were fitted.

Finished at last. Pictures below show the new additions etc.

Mounting plates for shackles       Conrods with headlamps fitted    both headlamps fitted

Assembly fitted to rat       Another view on the final fitting

The original headlamps were used from the Taxi, just as well I kept the old wings.

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August 28, 2015 at 7:15 pm #920

Lazy, are you going to fit fenders to the front wheels?


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