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July 28, 2015 at 7:29 pm #663


This section will cover the mounting of the front shocks.

I had a pair of rear shocks from my Capri that I was going to use for the front, also I had pondered over using a pair of coil overs which were purchased at the swop meet. Decided not to use either, but to use the original shocks that came with the LDV axle. They seem all ok, with no leaks.

The bottom mount was going to mount on the axle spreader plate, photos will make it clearer to under stand the mounting. The top was going to be bolted to a piece of  60mm tube, through a spacer welded into the tube.

The tube supports were set back 6 degrees to help the suspension work, it’s a bit like the forks on a bicycle. If they were 90 degrees to the ground it would hard to control the steering, 6 degrees back make s the steering work.

The tubes were strengthened with pieces of 6mm plate cut with the trusty plasma,and half of a chevy timing gear.

Lengths of stainless steel chain were stretched between the tube supports and to the cross member and then welded in situ. The Shock supports will double for the headlamp supports later on.

Bet you wondered how I was going to fit the radiator, the radiator will be either fitted under the floor or in the boot.

Well short and sweet, that’s it for this part.

The roof has now been chopped, will start part 11 soon to show and explain how I set about the roof chop. It’s always the same once you have done something there always seems an easier way, this was no exception.


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October 23, 2015 at 5:01 pm #1605

Eric the man

Do you think the shocks off the LDV will be a bit on the stiff side?

Properly a stupid question, but thought I would ask.

Your build is getting on…….

January 24, 2016 at 12:23 pm #2323


Time will tell, I have another pair if they are a bit on the stiff side and they make all my teeth fall out….Lazy

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