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August 25, 2016 at 4:20 pm #2933

Well it’s off to a slow start this year my first meeting was at Shakespear raceway at Gary’s picnic 29-05-2016.

Went up to the track on Friday night so I could get on to the track nice and early, didn’t quite go to plan. After queing for what seemed like a life time I eventually made it to the start line. The nitrous was purged and off I went, what a crap run it seemed as if I was lifting and then putting my foot back on the gas again, think I only ran high tens.Took the car back to the pits and stripped all the nitrous down to check for blockages, looked like it could be the controller.

Joined the never-ending que again and a vw decided to pull a wheelie and knock over the tree…….just an hours wait. Getting a bit closer and surprise surprise another vw thought it would be fun to see how much oil he could put down on the track over the quarter-mile, yep he managed the full quarter, 2 1/2 hours later the track was cleaned up ready for racing.

Managed to get another run in, wasn’t much better but it was in the low 10’s. Took the car back to the pits and checked it out all again. With the help of my mate Den we found the activating switch was out of alignment and a few bad connections. The programmer seems to be all ok. Was going to run the car in the morning but thought I would wait untill next week at the Classic Ford show at Santapod.

Classic Ford show 05-06-2016 Santa pod

Having spent the previous week checking and re checking everything on the capri I was confident that it should run a good time. The smaller nitrous jets were put back in. Saturday the first run too much gas was used off the line and it pulled a massive wheelie, had to lift off, only ran a 10.6. The next run the nitrous was backed off a bit more, but it still lost traction.

Sunday was demo runs, first run felt strong racing the orange cortina (8 sec car) beat him off the line but then he came flying passed me, The second run was my all time personal best, got traction, the car went straight and it pulled a 9.64 @ 145 mph

Go to 0.45. Lazy getting his arse kicked.

Not sure when the next meeting will be……………Lazy

31st July Santa pod, Mopars.

Decided to give Silverstone a miss this year as I had promised a friend’s son, who is suffering from lukima (think that’s how you spell it), a ride down the track in my car at Santa pod.

Had a couple of runs by my self, car was running very well. both passes were 9.6, all good.

Time for a passenger run, even with the guy weighing over 16 stone the car still somehow managed to run a 9.9.

The rest of the day it run a consistent 9.6. The 60′ times were down to 1.6’s, need to concentrate in getting them down.

All in all a very good and rewarding day………………….Lazy

Have booked in for the VW Action 2nd – 4th Sept, will be only running on the Sunday as the track will be preped.Will up the gas a bit more and see what happens????????????

Well, should have been at Santapod today, car is running great. However the motor home is still not feeling very well, gearbox is still out, waiting for a few parts to be delivered from fleabay. See what the weather is doing tomorrow and will pop up to see how the Taz racing boys are doing. Looks like it is raining at the pod today, looking at the forcast it will be dry.

Just found a clip of Lazy racing at Santapod, forward to 1.20….enjoy

Fingers crossed will be at Santapod this weekend. 17th – 18th Ford Fest, Motor home at last is working,except the cooling fans and the exhaust needs refixing. Will fixe them as soon as it stops raining. Weather forecast for the week end at the pod is cloudy on Sat and Dry on Sunday.Car is ready, just need to get my arse in gear…..Lazy

Made it to Pod on Saturday,motor home ran ok although the indicators decided not to work, making it tricky changing lanes. decided not to run the car on Saturday as weather was going to be dry and sunny on Sunday.

1st run went ok but I hit the rev limiter when changing to 2nd, think I might need a shift light…………Ran a 9.8.

2nd run went much better, pulled second gear without hitting the limiter…ran a 9.5, new PB……nice to end the season on a high,going to Sywell next weekend just for a bit of fun.Looks like I need to get back on the Ratrod build……………See ya…..Lazy

New PB……………9.5

Forward to 7.55…Lazy runs a 9.8

Last meeting of the year, going to Sywell tomorrow morning just for a bit of fun. Was going tonight but some one made me drink a beer.Looking forward to the meet as its low key and a lot of fun With a bit of luck will remember to take a few photos and post them up when I get back…………..Lazy

Sywell 2016.

Didnt make it up on the Friday evening but got up there on Saturday morning.

Had a few runs on saturday, the track was very grippy, decided not to run any gas as last year it made me head for the grass. Car runs completely differently without any gas.

Sunday had a couple of runs in the morning, all good. Wanted to film the rest of the crew racing.

Below are a few videos showing Taz Racing putting on a show for the crowd.

Just a few pictures of Taz Racing in the pits. Chris was unfortunately unable to make Sunday and Ben was doing something with a fish.


den dave

ads mark

kev darren

mark b


Picture quality is poor as I used my phone, next time best I use my camera.

Well that’s it for this season, time to put the Capri away and wrap it up for the winter.

Good season this year, nothing broke and run a new P.B.

Time to get back out in the garage and get the ratrod done………see ya.  Lazy

Will be adding videos of my racing season for 2016 as I find them on youtube;

Go to 1.22, racing a Ford pop

Go to 8.00 racing a green pop.

Found a few more clips from last year..”Ford Fest 2015″

Go to 0.28….1.08…..and  1.01

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September 3, 2016 at 5:44 pm #2942

So, just watched the Ford fest video on the santa pod site with violet and guess who’s in it twice???

October 1, 2016 at 1:51 pm #3032

Hi Lazy love the photos and videos.

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