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March 12, 2017 at 5:04 pm #4007

Just came back from Australia visiting Lazy Junior.

Had a few things to do on his Ratrod, things had been a bit slow on the build as he had moved house and garage etc. When I arrived in Oz his Rat was still on the drive and the garage was crammed with all sorts of stuff. First thing to do was to clear out the garage and build a couple of benches. Thought it would be easy to push the Rat into the garage as the engine and gearbox had been removed. Thought wrong, had to drill a fixing and fit a pull lift (or as the Australians call it “a move along”) and pull it into the garage.

First thing we tackled was the engine sump, as it had a deep pan fitted and fouled the steering linkage.A standard Holden pan was fitted. (Australian –Vauxhall)

sump sump No picture of the fitted pan.

Next issue was the steering linkage was still hitting with the engine and gearbox fitted.In addition there was still an issue with not enough room to fit the oil filter, a remote system was needed. After a few beers, then a few more we came up with a cunning plan. If we moved the engine back 5″ , then we would have enough room for the steering linkage to clear the sump and as a bonus we would be able to fit a standard oil filter.And as an unexpected bonus it would make a bit more room for a larger radiator. So that was the plan. Engine was positioned back 5″ (has to cut and refabricate the chassis cross member so the engine could be set back) New engine  and gearbox mounts were fabricated and welded in.

sump sump sump

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea.

Had to sleeve and weld the steering linkage,as we cut it so the engine could be fitted last trip over. Couldn’t locate a new center linkage anywhere in Oz (maybe due to the fact it was of a 1989 Mazda b200.

Rat is now set up for major work to be started.

Below are a few pictures of his Rat as I left it.

rat rat

rat rat

rat rat

rat rat


Since my last visit Junior has replaced the stock axle with an axle from a Holden fitted with an L.S.D. didn’t want to do one wheel burn outs. Had to buy wheel adaptors so the new wheels and tyres could be fitted. Unfortunately the refitted rear arches had to be removed as the axle had a wider track.Fuel tank now fully secured.Photos below.

fuel tank fuel tank

tank tank

sump sump

sump car

Work to be done shortly.

  • Level the chassis and check the engine and gearbox are where they should be.
  • Shorten the original steering column by 180mm and fit.
  • Fit all new steering joints etc.
  • Finish all the body work.
  • And lots more.

Will post more updates when they come in, sorry if there are any typos, still got a bit of jet lag, will correct it later,……………..Lazy






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