Day 5 and 6

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November 29, 2015 at 12:38 pm #2045


Day 5 and 6

We are mainly trying to weld the body to its self ( filling in the 250mm gap) and securing it to the chassis.

We welded in a few supports at the front side and rear, just enough to stop the body moving.Then they were braced with 25mm box section triangulated. Seem to have lost some of the photos, any way see below.

chassis chassis

ratrod ratrod

An additional cross member was welded in to support the rear valance.

ratrod ratrod


Time is getting on and can hear the beer calling us, just to finish off day 6 we had ago at filling in the roof section. Attempt no 1 was going ok, with the filling in sheet cut and rolled around the mig welding argonshield bottle it was offered up and it seemed that the top of the body had moved and was slightly out. This was when LazyJuniors neighbour came around for a chat, luck had it as he was a panel beater.He offered up a few tips, a little later he was busy fitting the new panel.It was good watching him work as I learnt lots of stuff.Thanks again Ben you done a great job mate…..

Ratrod ben at work

roof ben at work

roof roof chop

Time for beer…………..Lazy


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February 12, 2016 at 11:09 am #2409


Lazy my friend I’m not a panel beater mate just have a go at helping a mate.. But i appreciate the mention. Now my skills are famous on the web…. If junior doesn’t get you some updates I’ll get some new pics..

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