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May 2, 2016 at 11:12 am #2476


Time to connect the hoses to the rear mounted radiator. It would be easier to run the hoses under the chassis rails, but this would be below the scrub line. Some how it needed to be threaded though and over the chassis rails.

radiator hose Out of the thermostat housing……

pipe down through the bulkhead…..

Inside rat Inside the cab running next to the gearbox………

ratUsed steel tube, cut bent and welded to get it through the chassis rails. Have got a pipe bender but lent it to some one a long time ago, can’t remember who.

bending the tube Started to bend the tube…..

tube ratrod ratrod Cut bent and welded to get over the chassis rail.

ratrod These two pipes will be hung on the horizontal part of the rear chassis rail, will help to connect to the radiator. When finished I will post the completed pictures. One side is almost complete, updates shortly..

One side of the coolant pipes to the radiator is now complete the other just needs finishing.

Have now fitted a pair of Range Rover electric fans underneath the Radiator and not directly in front. The plan is that it will pull cold air from underneath the Rat into a shroud around the radiator (haven’t made this yet). Will have to make a few cut outs in the boot or wedge the boot lid slightly open to let the hot air out. Maybe I will leave this decision after I get the engine running.

radiator radiator rad rad rad to be continued..

Have finished the radiator shroud, made it from 1mm Aluminium sheet.Made templates from card board, all the edges were folded over and a wire  folded in (wired edge). Didn’t take any photos, but below is the finished item.Hope this will work….


ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

Almost done, just a few more hoses to connect on the return line.

Decided that to get the hot air out of the boot I could either leave the boot open slightly (like the VW boys) or cut a couple of slots in the boot to let the hot air out.Slots in the boot it is then. Again the off cuts from the roof came to the rescue again, have almost finished one side, just need to weld some mesh in, and its done.The shroud in the boot is almost done, just the top to finish. The little cover on the right hand side is to access the fog lamp bulb.

When cutting the slots out found out how many times this taxi had been repainted, 4 times.It was like counting the rings on a tree to see how old it was. Oh yer, shit loads of filler, must have been at least 3-4mm deep.


ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

vents and shroud in boot lid now done………..

ratrod ratrod

ratrod ratrod

ratrod Sorted……………




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November 5, 2016 at 4:21 pm #3189


I never realised as a teenager that I was so ahead of my time, the number of rat rods I’ve built over the years ?
I really like the lobster back, will really look the part in situ.

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