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February 18, 2016 at 8:26 pm #2454

Well its time to have a look at the brakes, starting from the front. I was going to just try and free up the callipers but brakes are fairly important, so I ordered a repair kit complete pistons and new pads. So far all I done is to strip them down and clean them.

calipers calipers

discs discs

Will post more stuff when calipers are being assembled………..Lazy

Well the calipers have been refitted with new pistons and seals. Didn’t take any photos during the rebuild mainly because I forgot. Had problems getting the old pistons out, so as they were going to be replaced I welded a rod-bolt across them and pulled them out. All the front brake pipes and hoses are now fitted, with the line to the rear fitted as the same time.

calipers pipes brake pipes brake pipes

front brake pipe Just the rear brakes to finish………

Rear brakes now fitted, new drums, shoes wheel cylinder and handbrake cable. All this lot for £98 from fleabay.Had problems freeing off the shoes, as the adjuster was rusted solid. As I has new parts I just used my disc cutter and cut it off. Not sure how the hand brake cable will work as it is about 1000mm to long (the car was shortened).

brake drum Sorted………..

The rear brakes have now been plumbed in, thats another thing ticked off.

Below some pictures of the finished job, not sure if using cable ties to hold the pipe on to the axle will pass the M.O.T..

ratrod brakes ratrod

ratrod ratrod


Well, thats the brakes done.

Next job is the fuel tank and fuel pipes etc.

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March 15, 2016 at 10:00 pm #2571

What are the calipers off?

Looks like they are four pots, a bit over the top for a light weight rod?



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