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January 1, 2017 at 10:02 am #3497


Not sure how long Adam has been racing his Fiat, but he has come a long way and he has learnt a great deal. Now he builds and makes all the necessary repairs his self, which is fortunate as there are frequent breakages, gearboxes and drive shafts.Sure Adam will fill in all the technical stuff about the engine etc. The car started off white, sure he painted a few panels his self, again not sure what times he ran but his enthusiastic approach to racing started to pay dividends straight away as his times were coming down fast.

adam adam adam skinner

Time for a few upgrades and a colour change, he was thinking of painting it Kawasaki green, who in their right mind would paint a car that colour.Car was totally stripped and sent over to Darren for one of his super duper paint jobs.Adam purchased lots more go faster stuff and fitted  them on the cars return.

adam adam

As previously mentioned he has suffered a few breakages over the past few years, sure this little Fiat wasnt designed for so much abuse.

adam oooops, broken drive shaft.

adam adam Adam at Santa Pod with a few timing issues,most of us would have put it back on the trailer and sorted it at home. Not Adam, he sorted it at the track and went out racing, good on you Adam.

adam adam

Adam is trying to get into the 10’s, how hard can that be???????????

Will update as soon as I get some more stuff……………Lazy

January 7, 2017 at 11:36 am #3673

Found this on youtube

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