My hobby is building & driving Rat Rods and Drag Cars,  Although the website was originally built for the Rat Rod build, there is so much interest in my 1978 Drag racing Capri, with a personal best time of 9.54 seconds at 148 MPH over a Qtr of a mile strip, so I  added that too.

There are some great car sites all over the world but none I could find to join in the UK, that just concentrated on, owning, building, racing or just enjoying a Rat Rod and trying to share that hobby, with others.

Definitions of these cars below for those new to Rat Rods and Drag Cars.

green capri

What is Drag Racing

rat rod

What is a Rat Rod

From an engineering point of view my hobby cars are at different ends of the scale. I really enjoy the diversity of the cars which means, – when I am not in the mood for the Drag car high end engineering precision , I can tinker,  chill out and work on the Rat Rod.  The best of both worlds.

My nick name is Lazy Rat in the Rat Rod world and Lazy Taz in the Drag car world. Not because I’am lazy I might add (although the wife might disagree) but because I don’t like to rush my builds, ideally I get it right the first time around.

I developed this website so I could share my hobbies & ideas with like minded enthusiast that are either just interested in learning about the cars or own or have built their own custom cars to share.  Would love the hear from you.

I am pleased to say I get a lot of new and repeat visitors to my site so hoping you are enjoying my hobbies with me.  If you have any difficulty using the site or would like to add content, share your builds, ideas just contact me.  My email is ratrod@btinternet.com

Hopefully you will enjoy my step by step builds and updates. Get advice, Give advice, Share Rat Rod or Drag Car Builds – Free Membership – Feel Free to add For Sale or Wanted items to the discussion board as long as its car related.  Cheers Lazy ….

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