Why I built  Lazy’s Rat Rod Forum  mainly so there was a site based in the UK  for Rat Rod Enthusiasts. There are some great sites all over the world but none I could find based in UK.  Watch my step by step build. Get advice, Give advice, Share Rat Rod Builds, Free Membership – For Sale & Wanted that’s what the sites about

If you have any difficulty using the site or would like to contact Lazy about your build please email Lazy@ratroduk.com

I couldn’t find a Rad Rod Forum in the UK so I had a go at building my own – Lazy’s Rat Rod Forum for Rat Rod Chat. The forum is free to join and  as a member you can………………..

  • Post your Rat Rod projects or Rat builds.
  • Join in the Rat Rod chat, get Rat advice, give Rat advice.
  • Post Rat or other Rod items for sale.
  • Post Rat or other Rod items wanted.
  • Or generally just share all things Rat Rod or Rat Truck related.

I have posted my own Rat Rod Build in progress so I can share and chat with like minded people at home and all over the world. There are some great Rat Rods out there would and really like to see them. Hope you join me as I have been talking to my self for to long on this forum. Cheers Lazy.

Rat Rod Build from a black taxi cab

 I am an engineer by trade and no stranger to building Rats and Rods. I will share my builds on the forum with you,  Please feel free to ask any questions. or give me some Rat advice.

 I have found loads of really good informative Rat Rod sites in the USA and all over the world but nothing closer to home in the UK.

 I have also added a Drag car forum for my drag car mates and a video of my 78 capri racing at Santapod fastest so far ( watch this space) 9.7 143 MPH.

If you want any more Rat Rod forum headings and topics just let me know via the contact form below.

Cheers Lazy… 

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