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Ratrod loaded and ready to go..

See Lazy’s Race Capri below too!

Well eventually got to move house, all be it 10 weeks later than planned. Thanks to the incompetence of some of the solicitors involved.
The Ratrod didn’t get delivered untill a few weeks back, due to the transport company having issues with their new Hiabb. Had it delivered onto my drive, unfortunately he couldn’t reach any further. Had to hire in a crane to move it into position. apparently it was a lot heavier than I thought, estimates were in the region of about 6 tonnes (container weighs about 2.2 tonnes) The crane operator said his scales were showing the true weight to be just under 10 tonnes. Looks like I slightly over loaded it.


Trees before delivery of Ratrod


Another view of the trees..

Still its now on my front garden, had to chop down a couple of trees, bit of a shame.
Looking forward to the new year, get the Rat out and start playing again.

Well its been a very busy year with the house move and stuff. The Rat is now out of the container and in the garage, should be starting to work on it again shortly. Looking at the grill,think I need to change it, not sure how. Will post updates as soon as I get my finger out of my arse and start working on it again Oct 2018.


rat rat                        ratrod Pictures are a bit out of focus…..think I might need new camera

ratrod  Oct..2018

Change to the grill needed….


Progress update, stuff finished and things still to do.

Stuff now finished:

  • Front suspension complete.
  • Engine and Gearbox mounted.
  • Steering wheel, box all complete.
  • Brakes now all connected.
  • Fuel tank, pump and feed pipes done.
  • Rear suspension all sorted.

  webb  wheel

taxi   ratrods   taxi

Things still to do;

  • Connect return pipe from radiator to pump.…..Sorted
  • Finish the bulkhead.
  • Bleed the brakes (hopefully no leaks).
  • Try to connect the hand brake.Not looking forward to this….might leave this to the end.
  • completely wire the Rat. Front now completed, Headlamps sides and indicators…all now done…..
  • Lots of welding around the windscreen area. …Sorted
  • Connect drive shaft...sorted
  • A bit of welding around the N.S. rear archSorted
  • Fit some sort of floor etc. ..Now all sorted
  • Try and fit the windscreen, going try to cut the original down to size, how hard can that be???????????.
  • Fit both seats. Both now fitted.
  • Make both stack exhausts.  Sorted
  • Make the rear fenders.
  • Fill up with fuel, hit the start button and go and have some fun……..

taxi inside tank ratrod ratrod

Update of the build so far………Jan 2017

  This is the my Rat build starting picture.

Taxi ready to be converted into a ratrod

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rat rod build project roof chop picture ratrod ratrod ratrod

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I built the site because I couldn’t find a UK Rat Rod Forum to join. That said there are some amazing Rat Rod sites from all over the world and I am hoping overseas Rat Rodders and Rat Truckers will join us and share their Photos and Builds.

 As you can see I’m still building my first Rat Rod but I’m no stranger to building Rods. As said previously I have started to write-up my Rat build under the forum heading – Lazy Rat Rod Build ….. take a look at my progress.    Would really like some feedback.                                     

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New pb for 2016……9.54………